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Learning together, developing teams and buidling networks

Workshops and Teambuidling


Diversity and a modern leadership style promote team performance. Other important characteristics of solid team performance are clear communication, strong team cohesion, trust and clarity about goals and structure.


I use a variety of workshop methods to work with teams on the necessary and appropriate measures for positive development. The topics can be very different. These include, for example: team coaching, team roles, feedback culture, change support, resolving team conflicts, vision and innovation workshops, strategy workshops, design thinking, etc.


All workshops are customised to your needs.


trainings and Seminars


Just as important as imparting specialist knowledge is learning concrete behavioural patterns in order to successfully put theoretical knowledge into practice. I offer application-oriented trainings and seminars on topics such as leadership, situational leadership, the manager as coach, self-leadership, virtual leadership, team performance, positive communication, feedback culture, positive psychology, mindfulness, relaxation methods, etc. I also address your needs and requirements here.

I respond to your requirements and needs. Each training is individually designed for your purpose.



The trainings, seminars and workshops can be held in German, French and English.