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Getting to know yourself and shaping your life - Everything is possible, nothing is a must

Coaching and Psychological Counseling create acces to new solutions


These are forms of professional support in change processes or in problem situations with a clear focus on the future ability of people to act. The aim is to move from thinking into action and to activate those resources that are useful for this intention.


In the coaching process you have the opportunity to become aware of your values, feelings, convictions, as well as your patterns of action and beliefs. You learn to recognise and understand these and how to deal with their effects. 


Coaching and psychological counseling work according to the "counseling without advice" approach. I will show you the process and methods, you will do the actual work to find your solutions and implement them.



Which topics are covered by coaching and psychological counseling?


In general, you can contact me with any concern, any problem, any wish for change, even if you are not yet sure what your actual goal is. We will then work this out together.


Common topics are: Life balance, stress, burn-out/bore-out, loss of motivation, clarity about values, identity and meaning, relationship issues, family issues, grief counseling, dealing with medical diagnoses, professional change, career planning, decision-making issues.

Methods used in Coaching and Psychological Counseling


I follow a systemic approach. This means that in the coaching process we look at your life as a whole as well as your concerns and their effects on your respective life systems (e.g. professional system, family system). In doing so, I draw on a variety of methods from psychology and solution-oriented short-term therapy, such as conversation interventions, questioning techniques, embodiment, hypnosis coaching, energetic psychology, mindfulness or progressive muscle relaxation.



Duration of a coachingprocess


Coaching and psychological counseling are temporary services that usually require one to ten sessions. One session lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, half days can also be arranged.
I recommend 60-minute telephone or video call coaching sessions, as it is in this setting in which the cooperation is experienced more intensively.

Who do i work with?


I work with individuals, couples, families and groups.


I also offer business coaching for teams in the form of workshops. Common topics are team development, team building, team identity, team vision, cooperation, conflict resolution and bullying.

Where do we work together?


An important element in coaching and psychological counseling is that you feel comfortable. Of course, the location also plays a role in this. Perhaps you would like to come to my coaching room or it may be important for you to work with me from anywhere via video call. Perhaps you would like to discuss your concerns during a walk. We can respond to all these needs and arrange an appointment either at my premises or via Skype, Zoom or by phone. Coaching walks by the lake or in the vineyards of Lavaux are also good options.



The coachings and consultations can be held in German, French and English. 





I offer coaching at a reduced price for pupils, students, trainees and the unemployed. Contact me, we will find a solution.